Welcome players.  This is a west marches style pathfinder campaign set mostly in the area of the world of Avaria known simply as the Balfuric lands.  New players will create characters at level 1.  Races can only be picked out of the Core Rulebook.  Allowed materials are any pathfinder books except for the mythic and occult adventure books.  Stats will be generated with a 25 point buy.  you can roll your own starting gold(or have me do it), and start with a set of clothes costing under 10gp.  2 traits pertaining to your character's background may also be selected.  Scheduling and other campaign related communications are to be done on the  discord https://discord.gg/T3fvFku.  All characters must be ran by someone in the character-submission channel.  Players will have to gather a party and schedule a day to play with me the DM in order to play.

Reclaiming the Balfuric Lands