Reclaiming the Balfuric Lands

The Reclaimers

joining up

Welcome recruits to the Reclaimers Guild.  You are the front line in cleaning out this undead wasteland for rebuilding civilization in this corner of the world.  Where you are standing is the result of the first push into the Balfuric Lands.  In order to push further however, we need to know what we are up against so for the foreseeable future we will be sending you all out into scouting parties of 3 to 5 people.  After which you will write up a report of what you managed to find during that time.  If anything worth noting pops up we will add it to the map.  If you want to go explore that area all you need to do is let the barkeep know and he will make sure a search party is sent if you run into trouble.  That is all for now.  Happy scouting everyone.


luigigarrett luigigarrett

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